Suzuki overdrive diatonic harmonica direct from The Harmonica Company UK

Suzuki overdrive diatonic harmonica 

Suzuki overdrive diatonic harmonica

Harmonica Co Ref: 18

It's the Only Harmonica of Its Kind

  • Years in the making, the amazing new Overdrive Harmonica is so unique, it even has a special patent to protect its incredible design.
  • Precisely placed holes in the top and bottom of this harmonica allow you to produce thick, rich and beautiful over-blow and over-draw sounds.
  • Although players have been bending notes for more than a century, it has only recently been discovered that when you draw bend, it is the BLOW reed that makes the bent note. Conversely, when you blow bend, it is the opposite blow reed in the same air channel that makes the bent note.
  • With a little practice, the new Overdrive Harmonica will let you blow and draw notes with greater control and much bigger volume than any harmonica you've ever played!
  • Comes with deluxe carrying case.


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