Little Sonny - new king of the blues harmonica direct from The Harmonica Company UK

Little Sonny - new king of the blues harmonica 

Little Sonny - new king of the blues harmonica

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  • around 1955,little sonny hopped on a bus and found himself in Detroit, in the middle of the blues.
  • He hung out with his namesake, Sonny Boy Williamson, and developed his chops with John Lee Hooker, Eddies Burns and Kirkland, and a whole bunch of others.
  •  It took 15 years and Stax Records, looking north from Memphis, before he cut his first album, the modestly titled New King Of The Blues Harmonica.
  • In 1973 he cut the sequel, once again in Detroit city-.-Hard Goin' Up which kicks off with 3 Bettye Crutcher songs, including the title track, the rest of the album consisting of 6 tunes from Aaron Willis, aka Little Sonny.
  • The creeper returns, with 18 of the best in harmonica blues.

To play along with Little sonny you will need diatonic harmonicas in the following keys..

1.  Baby, What You Want Me To Do ...A
2.  Eli's Pork Chop ...G
3.  Hey Little Girl ...A
4.  Hot Potato ...B
5.  Don't Ask Me No Questions ...D
6.  Tomorrow's Blues Today ...Bflat
7.  Back Down Yonder ...G
8.  Sad Funk ...E
9.  The Creeper Returns ...E
10.It's Hard Going Up ...D
11.My Woman Is Good To Me ...C
12.You're Spreading Yourself A Little Too Thin ...C
13.The Day You Left Me ...Bflat
14.You Can Be Replaced ...D
15.Do It Right Now ...D
16.You Made Me Strong ...C
17.Sure Is Good ...A
18.I Want You ...D

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